We provide electronic discovery (“eDiscovery”) services to law firms, governmental agencies, and businesses around the country.  Our services range from simple consultations all the way to full-blown involvement in data collection, electronic discovery and document review, and processing and production. 

The importance of proper, transparent, and comprehensive data preservation and collection in litigation cannot be overstressed.  Every month a new technology emerges that simplifies the end-user experience, while the actual storage and preservation of data becomes increasingly complex.  With the massive expansion of cloud-based storage, numerous intertwined apps and programs, and mobile computing, it is extremely difficult to know where your data is, let alone how to collect it.  

These issues are often unknown prior to receiving a discovery demand or subpoena, and businesses and law firms alike often scramble to properly collect, review, and produce responsive material.  The Breslin Law Group can help.  We work with IT departments, in-house counsel, and outside counsel to assist in any stage of eDiscovery.  From pre-litigation preservation strategies to last-minute collections, we can help.

We work with law firms to provide them and their clients with experienced and confident collection, processing, review, and production of electronically stored data. The world of eDiscovery is constantly changing, and we have the knowledge to work with legal teams and their clients to ensure that electronic data is fully and properly collected and preserved. Beyond merely collecting the data, we work closely with vendors equipped to comprehensively process your data and prepare it for attorney review. Depending on the volume of material, these services often include de-duplication, multi-level keyword searches, and other cost-saving processes. We can provide your legal team with the tools, resources and training necessary to review and analyze client data in-house, or we handle and arrange the review process for you.

No matter what business you are in, the collection, organization, maintenance, and accessibility of your data is critically important in litigation.  The Breslin Law Group can provide a range of services to assist in all matters concerning electronically stored data.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.