Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

We Represent Clients in Federal Cases Across New York and New England

If you are charged with a federal crime, or believe you are under investigation, call 518-650-3733 now to discuss your case.

A federal criminal charge is very different from a state court charge, and you need an attorney familiar with federal laws, court practices, procedures, and policies. If you or a loved one receives a visit from the FBI, DEA, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ATF, or any other federal agents, or if you think you may be under investigation, you need to call a federal defense lawyer. Call 518-650-3733 now to speak to federal criminal defense lawyer Sam Breslin.

Individuals charged in United States District Courts (i.e. "federal courts") face harsh penalties and lengthy potential prison sentences. In some cases, federal prosecutors (the U.S. Attorney’s Office) will have a case built against you before you even know you are under investigation. If you believe you are under surveillance or have received a “target letter,” it is important to immediately contact the Breslin Law Group, PLLC to discuss your options. The earlier we can get involved in a case, the better chances of a good outcome.

Criminal Defense Attorney Sam Breslin has handled countless federal criminal cases over the past years. He represents clients in federal courts in the Northern District of New York, the Southern District of New York, the Western District of New York, the District of Connecticut, and the District of Massachusetts.

Common Federal Charges that Sam Breslin Appears on Include:

  • Federal Drug Cases

  • Federal Conspiracy Cases

  • Federal Bank, Mail and Wire Fraud Cases

  • Federal Weapon and Gun Cases

  • Cases involving “Lying to the FBI”

  • International Cases Involving U.S. Federal Authorities

  • International Smuggling Cases

  • Illegal Disposal of Hazardous Materials Cases

  • Fraudulent Marriage Cases

  • Federal Food & Drug Violations

  • And ALL other Federal Criminal Charges

If you or a loved one has been arrested by the FBI, DEA, ICE, Homeland Security, Federal Marshals, or you believe you are under federal investigation, call Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Sam Breslin today at 518-650-3733, or confidentially submit your case information HERE.