Nineteen Drug Arrests After Fractalfest Music Festival

The Rensselaer County District Attorney and law enforcement recently announced another string of arrests stemming from Fractalfest, a 4-day music festival in Stephentown, New York.  Nineteen individuals were arrested following an investigation into drug distribution at the festival. The New York State Police, together with the Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office, found cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms, doses of LSD, Ketamine, MDMA pills, marijuana and prescription pills being used and sold at Fractalfest. Some festival goers were arrested with gummy candies and lollipops.

Those who were arrested ranged in age from 17 – 60 years old, and hailed from Massachusetts, California, Iowa, and of course, New York State. The Fractalfest attendees who were arrested were charged with one or a combination of: felony drug sale (criminal sale of a controlled substance), felony drug possession (criminal possession of a controlled substance), and misdemeanor drug possession (criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree). These allegations are serious, and require an experienced criminal defense attorney that knows how to handle drug charges in New York State. Unfortunately, this type of arrest is seen at many festivals around New York State.

Popular events around New York such as Electric Zoo, Sterling Stage, Afropunk, and The Meadows, often see criminal possession and criminal sale charges arise from their attendees.

If you, or someone you know, was arrested at Fractalfest or any other music festival or concert this summer, call the Breslin Law Group, PLLC at (518) 650-3766, or submit your case information HERE.  Samuel Breslin handles all levels of drug cases, including criminal sale of a controlled substance (CSCS), criminal possession of a controlled substance (CPCS), unlawful possession of marijuana (UPM), and other felony and misdemeanor level drug offenses. Don’t let a drug charge ruin your chances at college or employment. Contact an Upstate New York Criminal Defense Lawyer Today.

Great Result on an Albany County DWI Refusal Case

I was delighted to see the following review on from a satisfied Albany County DWI client. Albany County is one of the more challenging places to get a DWI in New York - due to the volume of DWI cases in the Capital District, the District Attorney has established a comprehensive policy for plea bargaining. In virtually all cases, the Assistant District Attorney will fall back on the DA's policy.

For DWI defense lawyers, the DA's policy provides a framework to advise our clients: if the client refused to take a breathalyzer, we can confidently tell them that the DA's policy is for them to take a plea to a misdemeanor common law DWI, or go to trial. Similarly, if the client took the breathalyzer, and blew over a .14, we can point to the DA policy provision that mandates that they plead to the misdemeanor. The DWI policy addresses most circumstances, from repeat offenders to DWI accidents.

In this case, my client had unique circumstances that I presented to the District Attorney's office. They were kind enough to listen, and we were able to negotiate a deal that addressed the client's unique circumstances. Based on the review copied below, the client was pleased with the results.

This was a very rare case, and I have to disclaim that "Prior Results Do Not Guarantee a Similar Outcome."   That said, I always try to take a personal approach to my cases, and in this instance, it worked out. 

Here's the review:

A+ Service. Highly Recommended.

Mr. Breslin is friendly, professional, and was the essence of a zealous advocate in my DWI charge/proceeding. His rate was very reasonable and he was VERY accessible (all of my calls were picked up and all emails that I sent him were answered within the hour).

Before retaining Mr. Breslin I consulted with 6 of the most reputable local DWI attorney's (all of whom gave me a similar assessment of my initial case and chances in court to the assessment that Mr. Breslin gave me). My chances at any sort of reduction of my DWI charge we're slim to none based on the facts of my case. I decided to retain Mr. Breslin because despite giving me the same bleak chances that the other 5 attorney's gave me, Mr. Breslin seemed like the only one who wasn't going to "phone it in", and actually submit vigorous arguments on my behalf, no matter how weak. In other words the choice to retain Mr. Breslin was a personal one, as all attorney's were qualified from a legal perspective.

As you can probably tell by the glowing lead-up in this review, Mr. Breslin negotiated a plea deal on my behalf that, based on, all research I can find, isnt available to anyone else in my situation in the state of New York. This result was achieved all the while keeping me informed and in the loop of all processes and developments along the way. I'm aware that these results aren't typical, and my case does not necessarily mean a similar outcome for future clients, but I was very happy with the services rendered and would retain him again for any criminal matters going forward (hopefully that won't be necessary :) )